If your child is struggling, I can help

As a parent, it is normal to have concerns about the difficulties your child may face at school, but when faced with so many options and contradictory advice, finding the best source of support can become overwhelming and frustrating.

What so many other options fail to address is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. As an educational psychologist, I understand the importance of adopting an individual approach for each child, as children vary both in their experiences and their development.

I offer a comprehensive Educational Psychologist report, to help better equip you to support your child’s individual needs both at home and in school. I can also provide assessments in situations where concerns are raised by educational professionals, to help find the best approach.

I will provide you with a comprehensive report of our process and involvement, so that you can easily access the information and share with other professionals involved in your child’s progress. This report can be used as supporting documentation should you need to apply for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) to obtain further support, and for older children can be implemented to help them receive extra time/support in their examinations.

What does a typical psychological assessment look like?

Step 01

Free initial phone consultation, during which you can voice your concerns and discuss your options. There is no obligation to continue beyond this initial conversation.

Step 02

Parent/carer completes registration form and bespoke questionnaire. This will give me the basic information to formulate a personalised assessment for your child.

Step 03

Face to face consultation with child, at home or in school to perform the assessment. This may include cognitive assessment (for learning ability), academic skills assessment (for literacy and numeracy skills), class and/or playground observation and consultation with parents and key school staff.

Step 04

Information is compiled into a report and sent to you. This report will outline recommendations on how to proceed, based on the background information provided and assessment findings.

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