David is a true professional. He offers sound advice and support not only to our students and parents but to myself. He is always at the end of the phone to answer queries and will go above and beyond to help. His administration and feedback is clear and concise and provides clear steps for implementation. It has been a pleasure to work with David over the last couple of years.

David was really kind, he listened to me and we did games together and he made me feel comfy and not nervous at all because he was kind and listened to me.

I told him things that I did like about school and things I found hard. The best thing about David was he was very helpful. He wrote things that would help me in school and sent them to my mum and my teacher. Since then I feel better at school because I feel happier as thing's aren't too hard now and I don't get really tired or frustrated in class anymore. 

Now when I do tests Miss can read the questions to me and this way is better because I don't get upset and feel like I can't do it, because I'm a slow reader I couldn't finish my test before I saw David.  I know these things at School have changed in a good way! It's so much better thanks David!

I found David to have a great balance of professionalism and warmth when he worked with myself and my daughter through her assessment process. 

One of David's many strengths in his role is that he has exceptional knowledge of all areas of SEND. As a parent it can be overwhelming navigating the assessment process but David took time to explain the process step-by-step at a level that was comfortable for me. David explained his role and the steps that would follow after assessment and he took genuine time to answer the questions I had. 

During every interaction with David it was refreshing to see a person who holds a genuine love for his job.  

David also worked brilliantly with myself and my daughter's School SEND lead. The communication between the parties was always efficient from David's end and this meant everyone was on the same page and all working with the best interests of my daughter at heart.

When David gave me feedback on my  daughter's assessment  it was a real pleasure as a parent to see someone else recognise the uniqueness of my child and all her great qualities. This made the whole experience less daunting for me as I felt throughout the process that my child wasn't just a name on a list and David genuinely wanted to get the right support in place to help her thrive. 

The calibre of David's work when writing up my daughters post assessment diagnosis and recommendations was central in the process of myself seeking to gain an EHC plan for my daughter. It was so informative, knowledgeable and concise it could not be disregarded when the decision was made.  

The most significant thing however is the recommendations David's report made for provisions at my daughter's school. Since these provisions have been put in place she has excelled. Her attitude to learning has greatly improved alongside her academic work. This in turn has boosted her confidence and she's a much happier child.  

David is an asset to the field. 

I can't thank him enough for all his help navigating me through the assessment process and helping my daughter to work around the barriers to learning that were stopping her reach her full potential. 

Thank you very much for doing the report for my daughters. I am very grateful that you took the time to listen to my concerns, took everything on board and your understanding. 

I am thankful for the phone calls and emails. Also putting my mind at some ease in regard to the process.

Your report has enabled E. to be assessed for an ECHP.

You have done an amazing job. Thank you so much!

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